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Pratyangira Devi Moola Mantra Pdf 20

Pratyangira Devi Moola Mantra: A Powerful Weapon Against Evil

Pratyangira Devi is a fierce and terrifying aspect of the Divine Mother, who is also known as Narasimhika, Shakti of Narasimha, or Atharvana Bhadrakali. She is the protector of the righteous and the destroyer of the wicked. She has a lion's face and a human body, with four arms holding a trident, a snake, a drum, and a skull. She is seated on a lion or a chariot pulled by lions. She is worshipped by those who seek protection from black magic, curses, enemies, and evil forces.

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Pratyangira Devi Moola Mantra is the most powerful mantra of this goddess, which can be used to overcome any kind of trouble or danger. The mantra is as follows:

Om Ksham Paksha Jwala Jighve Karaala Dam- shtre Pratyangire Ksham Hreem Hum Phat Swaha!

The meaning of the mantra is:

O Pratyangira Devi, whose tongue is like a blazing fire and whose teeth are sharp and dreadful, destroy all my enemies and obstacles with your power. O Pratyangira Devi, who is the supreme power of the universe, grant me your grace and blessings.

The benefits of chanting this mantra are:

  • It creates a positive vibration around the chanter and wards off all negative influences.

  • It protects the chanter from evil eye, black magic, curses, hexes, and sorcery.

  • It reverses any harmful effects of tantra or mantra done by enemies or rivals.

  • It bestows courage, confidence, success, and prosperity to the chanter.

  • It removes fear, anxiety, depression, and mental stress from the chanter's mind.

  • It heals physical, mental, and emotional ailments and diseases.

  • It grants spiritual awakening and enlightenment to the chanter.

The procedure to chant this mantra is:

  • The best time to chant this mantra is at midnight or during Brahma Muhurta (the auspicious time before sunrise).

  • The chanter should take a bath and wear clean clothes before chanting.

  • The chanter should sit facing east or north on a red cloth or a mat made of darbha grass.

  • The chanter should light a lamp with ghee or sesame oil and offer incense, flowers, fruits, and sweets to Pratyangira Devi.

  • The chanter should use a rudraksha rosary or a red coral rosary to count the number of repetitions.

  • The chanter should chant the mantra 108 times or 1008 times or as many times as possible with full devotion and concentration.

  • The chanter should end the chanting by performing an aarti to Pratyangira Devi and seeking her blessings.

If you want to download a PDF file containing this mantra and its meaning in 20 different languages, you can click on this link: [Pratyangira Devi Moola Mantra PDF 20].

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and may Pratyangira Devi bless you with her grace.


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