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G O A T Mp4 !FULL!

One day, a tiny grey kitten showed up on a family farm in South Carolina where rambunctious goats lived. Immediately, the kitten took to the goats like he was one of them, and he earned the name, GG or Gray Goat. As the goats spring around a specially created sanctuary, the kitten plays and naps with them.

G O A T mp4

As the farm owner Goswick relates in Bored Panda, GG showed up right after the heartbreaking loss of one of their first beloved goats, Marvin. Left behind, their other goat, Peanut, was very lonely. Goswick feared he would die from the grief, knowing goats are sensitive social creatures who need to be with others of their kind.

Later, GG required veterinary care for an eye infection, and they determined the cat needed to stay indoors. He missed his goat friends and could only watch from the window, but the family adopted another cat, Pickles, who became his new buddy.

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