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The Outlast Trials ((EXCLUSIVE))

As for the trials, it varies from map to map. However, they mostly follow the same general flow. The player must enter the map and follow a string of objectives. This varies from finding documents to executing a traitor, or even just plain hiding from a hunter. The players must work together to keep each other alive and get out of each trial in one piece.

The Outlast Trials


The beta allowed players to play two trials, with the first acting as a skippable tutorial. In it, the player is introduced to the game's setting and controls. The trial also provides a bit of narrative background in which the player has to destroy files relating to their public and private lives in order to surrender themselves completely over to the Murkoff Corporation and begin their fabricated treatment. The trial also introduces the character of Mother Gooseberry who stalks the player throughout the level.

After the Closed Beta period of The Outlast Trials, Red Barrels has announced that the game will enter an Early Access state. Now, the game will be available for players on PC on both Steam and Epic Games Store come May 18, 2023. According to the company, the closed beta was only a taste of what would come. The Early Access version of The Outlast trials will improve the feedback received during the beta to improve the experience.

Now, Murkoff will open its doors once again to the general public, letting even more players experience the grueling trials on May 18 of this year. The announcement comes with a new trailer for the game which you can watch below:

That closed beta trailer for the game can be seen below courtesy of the Red Barrels social accounts which shared it after it was shown off during Opening Night Live. If you've enjoyed seeing the gruesome scenes shared previously depicting trials and hazards players will have to navigate while they play through this single-player or multiplayer Outlast game, you'll be happy to hear the newest trailer has plenty more of that.

Against the backdrop of the Cold War era, players assume the role of test subjects who have been kidnapped by the enigmatic Murkoff Corporation. Trapped in a covert Murkoff facility, they must endure a gauntlet of physical and psychological trials, pestered by familiar characters and struggling to maintain their sanity as they fight for survival, either alone or with their team.

Few details were shared for the game beyond its setting and basic premise of allowing players to undergo "trials" alone or with up to three others. This marks the first time in the series that multiplayer has been involved. It doesn't sound like The Outlast Trials will follow the current trend of asynchronous multiplayer horror games such as Dead By Daylight and the upcoming Resident Evil Resistance, and with few other details, one can merely speculate regarding details beyond that. Though if you recall, at least one other major hint was given in the original teaser, which can again be seen, this time in full, in the new key art reveal.

Either way, it seems participants in these titular trials are unwillingly present, perhaps signifying some sort of SAW-like obstacle course of traps and scares. We'll know more soon according to the team, as they said they've been working on the game for months and have begun to ramp up production. 041b061a72


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