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[S9E8] New Kidney In Town

Exhausted from Brian keeping him awake at night, Peter is introduced to Red Bull by the guys. Completely wired, Peter looses all control forcing Lois to pour out all of the drinks. Determined to make his own Red Bull, Peter poisons himself on kerosene and destroys his kidney's forcing himself to undergo dialysis. After Peter blows off a treatment to watch Charles in Charge and passes out, the family becomes even more concerned about getting Peter a transplant. It turns out the only possible kidney donation can come from Brian but the procedure will kill him. Determined to make up to Peter for taking him, Brian agrees to the kidney transplant. Brian fails to keep the secret from Stewie and is kidnapped but manages to talk Stewie into letting him go. As they prepare for surgery, Dr. Hartman arrives prepared to undergo the transplant operation instead; it turns out he is a match for Peter. Dr. Hartman explains that it is unlikely that Peter would have survived the surgery either, as there were doubts that Brian's kidneys would function for Peter and he does not want to lose two patients.

[S9E8] New Kidney in Town


After having a Red Bull, Peter decides to make his own (out of kerosene) and suffers kidney failure, and when Peter skips a dialysis appointment while waiting for a kidney donor, Brian steps up and offers his kidney... only to learn that Dr. Harman needs both, as dog's kidneys are smaller than human's. Meanwhile, Chris is assigned to write an essay for an upcoming visit from President Obama, and Meg's heartfelt speech on what hope is (based on her miserable life) is stolen by her own brother.

"New Kidney in Town" is the eighth episode of the ninth season of the animated comedy series Family Guy. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on January 9, 2011. The episode follows Peter, after he drinks kerosene, causing him to suffer from immediate kidney failure. In need of a replacement kidney, Peter is unable to locate a match, until it is discovered that his anthropomorphic dog Brian is a match, but would require the donation of both his kidneys. Meanwhile, Chris is instructed by his English teacher to write an essay about hope, in preparation of United States President Barack Obama's appearance at their school. Unable to write anything inspiring, he decides to pick his sister Meg's brain and use her ideas.

The family learns that Peter has been diagnosed with kidney failure due to the damage done and he is in need of a transplant. However, since they must wait a few months before they can get donors, Peter must undergo dialysis at regular intervals. Three weeks later, after undergoing constant dialysis procedures, Peter gets angry that the dialysis treatments have stolen him from the world and becomes tired of it taking up his life. After being convinced by Joe and Quagmire that skipping one treatment wouldn't hurt him at all, Peter eventually decides to skip an appointment, but is quickly proven wrong when he becomes jaundiced and vomits blood.

Back again at the hospital, the family learns that Peter's condition has a big chance of suddenly failing and thus killing him. They learn that the only other option aside from the daily procedures is that one must give up one of their kidneys to Peter. Lois volunteers to give up one of hers, but is informed that she isn't a match. Dr. Hartman suggested one of the kids, but Lois refuses to put them through surgery. Brian then volunteers, and they discover that he has the same kidney type as Peter. However, as dog kidneys are smaller than a human's, two would need to be donated to be successful, meaning the procedure would kill Brian. However, Brian decides to go along with the procedure to save Peter's life. Unwilling to lose Brian, Stewie kidnaps him and takes him to the local playground, in hopes of staying there for the rest of their lives. Brian convinces Stewie to let him go, stating that Stewie can live without a dog but not without a father. The next day, Brian and Peter prepare to undergo the kidney transfer. However, Dr. Hartman reveals that he himself is a match for Peter and has decided to donate one of his own kidneys. He also explains that the operation would likely have failed anyway with Brian's kidneys. Brian's life is spared and Peter is saved.

Meanwhile, at the same time during the kidney crisis, United States President Barack Obama has decided to visit Quahog, and Chris' entire English class is assigned to write an essay about hope. He consults his sister Meg for her opinion and she lists her personal opinion on the subject, which Chris plagiarizes. Meg is angry that he decided to take her words and call them his own, but she is eventually given credit for co-writing the speech, and she and Chris introduce Obama to the school. President Obama then enters the school's auditorium, and begins singing and playing the guitar as students swoon over his performance.

In the opening scene of the episode, after complaining of being exhausted, Peter is introduced to the energy drink Red Bull by his friends, Quagmire and Joe. He then suddenly becomes extremely hyperactive, and begins singing the 1998 single "Ray of Light" by singer-songwriter Madonna in a parody of the high speed time-lapse of its video.[8] Peter also goes on to appear on the American game show The Price Is Right, with actor and comedian Drew Carey appearing as host. He then begins playing the Showcase Showdown game, until the wheel suddenly spins off its axis and into the audience, running over several rows of people.[8] After suffering from Red Bull withdrawal, Peter decides to create his own concoction, including kerosene. After drinking it, he suffers from immediate kidney failure, requiring constant dialysis. Deciding to go to The Drunken Clam with Quagmire and Joe, he is reluctant to go to his scheduled dialysis appointment, in order to watch the 1984 CBS series Charles in Charge.[9]

After years of drinking with the guys, Peter's love of the sauce has finally caught up with him and he needs a kidney transplant. Brian offers him one of his, but will a canine kidney be compatible? Meanwhile, Meg and Chris collaborate on a poem to celebrate a very important visitor.

Meanwhile, after having not seen each other for a year, Rachel's other sister, Amy, shows up unexpectedly to ask for a hair straightener. It quickly becomes obvious that Amy is a very inconsiderate person. She seems to know nothing about Rachel's baby, Emma, and calls her Emmett thinking she's a boy. She does not recognize Ross, but remembers an old "geeky" boyfriend who she describes as Rachel's "fat friend's brother with that bad afro". Amy gets a phone call from her boyfriend who tells her that he cannot see her today because his wife has come back into town. Amy, who was looking forward to her Thanksgiving dinner of sushi, is very upset claiming it is "almost not even worth dating married guys". Rachel in turn invites her over to Monica's Thanksgiving dinner. While there, Amy manages to insult everyone. She mistakenly believes that Phoebe's name is "Emma" and that Emma's name is "Emily". She soon decides that it would be incredible is Ross and Rachel died because it would mean she would inherit Emma. They tell her however that they had already planned on giving her to Monica and Chandler. Amy responds "Who?" to which Ross says "You're in their apartment". Amy is extremely offended by this and her mood becomes even worse. 041b061a72


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