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7 : The Target's Second Son [TOP]

Anya Forger may have punched the second son of the Desmond family in Episode 6 of Spy x Family, nearly gave Loid a heart attack and potentially cost him Operation Strix -- but it's not completely hopeless. Most of the time, things can be smoothed over if there's an apology. All she has to do is say two words to Damian and Operation Strix will be saved. How hard can it be?

7 : The Target's Second Son


The second example uses odd/even for something aside from coloring alternating columns/rows in a table layout. I took a column of screenshots, positioned them left and right (odd/even) then used odd/even hover to zoom the image based on the odd/even so the zoom would display correctly. That one is here .

On March 12, 2009, an eyewitness saw an insurgent fatally shoot Laila Paaitae Daoh, a prominent Muslim women's rights activist and peace advocate, in broad daylight in Krongpenang district, Yala province. She was rushed to Yala Hospital Center, but died of her wounds the next day. Laila and her family had long received threats and had been targets of insurgent attacks. Alleged insurgents killed her eldest son in 2004 and her husband and second son in 2006.

Despite these pressures, Laila promoted coexistence between ethnic Malay Muslims and Buddhist Thais. Her eldest son was a village chief, while her husband and second son worked as volunteers with local authorities. She and her family actively advocated the belief that justice and well-being for ethnic Malay Muslims could be sought peacefully through human rights and judicial mechanisms instead of armed struggle. Laila was also instrumental in activities of the Women and Peace Group and Luk Riang, a prominent child rights group, in the southern border provinces.

You also have a greater chance of developing preeclampsia, sometimes called toxemia, which is when you develop high blood pressure and too much protein in your urine during the second half of pregnancy. Preeclampsia can cause serious or life-threatening problems for you and your baby. The only cure for preeclampsia is to give birth. If you have preeclampsia and have reached 37 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may want to deliver your baby early. Before 37 weeks, you and your doctor may consider other options to help your baby develop as much as possible before he or she is born. 041b061a72


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