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A Man Called Ove(2015) UPD

Parvaneh asks Ove to teach her how to drive, and he eventually agrees. He also takes in a stray cat which he had previously found an annoyance. He tells Parvaneh about his past friendship with Rune and how they worked together to establish rules and order, with Ove as chairman of the neighborhood association board and Rune as the deputy chair. They grew apart over the years because Rune preferred Volvo cars and Ove Saabs until Rune organized a "coup" and replaced Ove as chairman. He also begins to bond with his new cat. He repairs a bike he confiscated from a neighborhood teen, Adrian, and returns it to Adrian, who works at a kebab shop with another youth called Mirsad. Ove notices Mirsad's eye makeup and wonders if he is "one of those gays" but does not shun him.

A Man Called Ove(2015)



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