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Warframe Ability Strength Mods

The strengths of Revenant Prime hail mostly from the synergy with his first three abilities, with Danse Macabre as a possible panic button or a prime target for a subsumed Helminth ability. Revenant players also commonly build him with Rolling Guard to buy a three-second invulnerability window, which should be enough to reactivate Mesmer Skin (especially if Natural Talent is involved).

Warframe Ability Strength Mods

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9, The Tenno are soulless meat puppets for The Operator who manipulate them from afar, and being able to create copies when they are destroyed), Cyborgization, Self-Sustenance (Type 2 and 3, possibly Type 1. They do not possess a need for nutrition or sleep, furthermore they can stay active in space and other planets however they still need life support for survival), Vehicular Mastery (Can control spaceships and archwings), Energy Manipulation, Weapon Mastery, Expert Infiltrator, Stealth Mastery, Regeneration (Mid), Energy and Life Absorption, Skilled Martial Artist, Dimensional Travel (Can go from the Rift to the Material Realm, but not vice versa), Hacking (Capable of hacking through high security and high tech doors, hacking robots and even casually hacking some of Corpus' greatest killing machines and bosses), Non-Physical Interaction (They can freely physically interact with elements, energy, and through the use of void energy they can even interact with souls), Dimensional Travel and Spatial Manipulation (Void energy and warframe abilities are completely unaffected by dimensional boundries and are capable of affecting the outside even when inside Limbo's cataclysm or banish), Deconstruction and Absorption (Can absorb and capture any entity by deconstructing it into information), Resistance Negation (The Void energy the operator's use can completely strip a being of their resistances and adaptations. Furthermore, all warframe abilities use the same void energy and as such negate any attempt to adapt to resist their effects), Statistics Amplification (Can amp herself and team's damage), Energy Projection, Surface Scaling, Petrification (with petrify), Earth Manipulation and Summoning (can summon Rumblers).

Invulnerability (Through various abilities and mods, the warframes are capable of full invulnerability to any kind of damage, ability or status effect), Aura, Statistics Reduction (Damage, shield, armor, speed, accuracy and more), Statistics Amplification (Damage, shield, health, armor, strength, speed and more), Limited Probability Manipulation (Capable of increasing the chances of status effects), Extrasensory Perception, Reactive Power Level (Increasing energy), Healing, Power Bestowal, Elemental Manipulation (all elements in addition to corrosive, magnetic, poison, blast etc), Damage Boost and Damage Reduction (both to insane amounts. Capable of increasing their damage several thousand times over, this boost can sometimes even go in the millions or billions. Capable of reducing all incoming damage which includes several stacking mods capable of easily going over 99% damage reduction even without a specific build or abilities), Electricity Manipulation (Shocks anyone who makes contact with the warframe), limited Probability Manipulation (Can increase the chance for certain events to happen such as inducing status effects, critical chances, enemy detection chance, the chance to be unaffected by a knockdown, each of them capable of going to 100% chance), Passively Reflects all incoming damage to the attacker, Adaptation (Warframes grow extreme resistances to whatever is used against them through various mods. This extends to most status effects, damage and/or sometimes even durability negating weapons), minor Mind Manipulation (Can gather the attention of any enemy when blocking), Teleportation

Elemental Damage: These mods can be applied to any part of their equipment making it so that everything they deal gains bonuses such as fire, poison, cold and more as well as make them proc status effects some of which can remove most of someone's durability or remove shields, Completely ignore durability or part of it, induce radioactivity and Mind Manipulation, turning someone into an ice statue and more.

Damage Reduction: A lot of mods are also capable of reducing damage taken and increasing resistances or durability for warframes by massive amounts. Even without insanely specific mods warframes can reduce all incoming damage by 99% or more and increase their durability by ten times over, effectively increasing the amount of damage they can take by thousands of times. These are also capable of granting status effect resistance. Tanky warframes such as Valkyr even completely unmodded take less than a third of the damage done to her due to her high armor.

Defensive Mods: These mods are capable of increasing the effective defense not through increasing durability but rather through trickery. Some mods are capable of giving warframes the ability to passively electrocute anything that comes close to them, paralyzing them in the process, while some others make the warframes passively reflect all incoming damage to the attacker.

Probability Manipulation: These mods increase the chance for certain events to happen. These include things such as manipulating the chance to deal critical damage, therefore, multiplying damage even up to ten fold, the chance to induce status effects, the chance for enemies to detect, see or even hear you, the chance for the enemy's attack to hit, the chance to get knocked down or get affected by the enemy, all easily capable of reaching 100% and some of them even above 100% chance, sometimes even above 200%.

Why trade in my Intensify or Primed Flow in my existing warframe builds for these newer ones? Well, these have unique passives but this is where they falter. Archon Flow has a 10% chance with every frost elemental ability kill to spawn an energy orb from an enemy with a ten-second cooldown. While Archon Intensify provides an additional 30% ability strength for ten seconds if you heal yourself or other players with abilities. This means for you to take advantage of Archon Flow, you either need to use the Frost or Yareli warframes to reap any small benefits.

While on the other hand, you need to find a warframe that has healing abilities while also being able to reap the benefits of more ability strength. They are very limited in who can use these mods. While also limiting the benefits that are provided. Why does Archon Flow only grant one energy orb from a kill every ten seconds, and why does Archon Intensify only provide a ten-second power strength increase? Archon continuity also suffers from this since very, very few warframes use toxin damage in their abilities.

While Archon Continuity, Intensify, and Flow are not very good mods. There are a few like Archon Vitality and Stretch that are still limited in who can use them to reap the minor benefits, but they are pretty good mods. Vitality, for instance, grants abilities that deal heat damage to create two stacks of the status effect instead of one. So Ember and Wisp users can burn enemies to a crisp faster. While Archon Stretch grants warframes that damage enemies with an electric ability a small energy regen for five seconds.

In an effort for some conversation about these mods, I took to Reddit for some comments about the situation. Even citing that Archon Flow and Continuity can replace the primed variants if a player has not purchased those yet. But, the players were very respectful and insightful, recommending that Wisp can be a perfect candidate for multiple Archon Mods. As well as exalted weapons from certain warframes allowing them to reap these benefits if the specific element is attached to that weapon.

However, even with this information, the changes are barely noticeable. I do not wish for Archon Flow to drop a guaranteed energy orb every time I kill an enemy. Or wish that Archon Stretch grants a warframe twenty-five energy a second for five seconds. But what I do wish for, is that these mods can get a second look to help them feel more impactful. Especially Archon Intensify.


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