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The Best Mods and Patches for Gothic 2 with Playerkit 2.8

just got it to work. and believe me, your going to love it. i do. and i would be willing to bet that there isn't an rpg out there that will take the same toll on your heart, soul, and mind as gothic has. the atmosphere in gothic is unlike any other rpg i've played, and i played them all. and what a treat to find one game so simply, yet so difficult. i can't wait for the next installment.

gothic 2 playerkit 2.8 download

it works very very nice on my computer. and i love it. i was never disappointed with gothic - but this is a terrific extra, even if i agree the other is better. you know the other is better because you have lots of other games than gothic, and you could spend your time, energy, and money on them all - but you keep coming back to gothic. just keep in mind that gothic gives a long game. a very long game. and the more hours you put into it, the longer it becomes. i don't want it, i want gothic 3. but this is a great additional for me - and i use to love gothic. and now i own it and it works! thanks, interplay. thanks. well, i have all the mods - 8.1 - gothic 1, 2 and 3, all at once. my computer has 8gigs and has never failed me, but really slow at times. but if you have an old pc, then this would help it.

i'm not real sure about how to install it but i tried it and it works fine, i was wondering if you can try and release a more updated mod pack for version 8 aswell. there are alot of mods for 1/2/3, but some are missing which i have for my version 8.

if you are experiencing issues with gothic 2 on windows 10, you can get it working with a bit of trickery. you can download gothic 2 iso file gothic 2 iso via g2iso. once you have gothic 2 iso downloaded, you can burn it to a dvd. gothic 2 iso is not a bootable game dvd. you need a bootable game dvd to play gothic 2.


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