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Madeon Adventure [TOP]

In June, Porter Robinson, a good friend of Leclercq,[7] answered a question regarding Adventure in his Reddit Ask Me Anything as: "i've heard madeon's album and it's FUCKING magificent. i've been singing one of them all goddamn day [sic]".[8] Leclercq later confirmed on Twitter that Robinson was referring to the third single "Pay No Mind".[9]

Madeon Adventure


On 29 March 2022, Madeon formally announced the first pressing of the deluxe version of Adventure releasing the following day.[25] This was the first time this version of the album was pressed onto vinyl. The vinyl included a secret bonus track following the final song of the album Only Way Out called Together, which up until that point had only been played live by madeon.[26] 041b061a72


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