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RAR, or the Roshal ARchive format thanks to its namesake creator software developer Eugene Roshal, is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery and file spanning. There are at least six main versions and subversions of the RAR format and because the early versions have little formal documentation, only selected versions currently are described at this site. The early versions RAR1.3 and especially RAR1.5 are thought to be the base for later versions but no public documentation is available about these early versions. Comments welcome.RAR4 is also known as RAR version 2.9 in some documentation. The current version as of this writing is RAR5. See Relationships below for more details.


Similar in purpose to ZIP files, RAR files are data containers in which one or more files are stored in compressed form. RAR is a proprietary format under copyright, along with RAR's compression applications and libraries to Alexander Roshal, brother of Eugene Roshal. RAR files are the native format for WinRAR software and can only be created through this tool which is licensed to win.rar GmbH although there are several options to open RAR files. See External Dependencies for details.

About 4 months ago I added a few of my important files to the .rar folder. But now, when I am checking the files as I need them, I am unable to open them. The RAR file is showing a message saying WinRAR error the file header is corrupt. So now, what can be done to extract my RAR files?

In this article we have explained two methods which are tested and proved to repair the RAR/ZIP file successfully. If the issue is incomplete download of RAR file, then we highly recommend you first try to download the file again as it may resolve the issue. But if redownloading is not fixing the issue, you have to then repair the corrupted RAR archive file.

Fortunately, WinRAR allows you to repair as well as extract the corrupt RAR files. In this section, you will get to know how to recover corrupted RAR files using WinRAR in two different ways i.e., Repair Archive option and Extract To option.

Step 4: With this, the software will start scanning the RAR file and once the repair process is over press "Next" and then a window will appear asking for the destination location to save lost data, just click on the "Select Folder" button to choose the destination path as shown in the screenshot.

In order to access or view RAR files you first have to unzip the folder and extract the files. However, at times those files get corrupt which makes them inaccessible and difficult to extract, in this writeup we have talked about how can you easily extract even the most severely corrupt RAR files.Hope this article has solved your problem.

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Maybe you would like to add a password to your RAR archive, it`s not a bad idea and you can do this by selecting the second tab, named ``Advanced``. From there go to ``Set Password`` and click on that button.

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The Compress-Archive cmdlet ignores hidden files and folders when creating or updating thearchive file. On non-Windows machines, this includes files and folders with name that begins withthe period (.) character.

Click OK, this will bring up a summary of what will happen when you run the profile, click OTHER OPTIONS:a.Select Clean up automatically.b.(What this does is when the torrent client removes torrents after they are being seeded, SyncBackUpSE will remove those files/folders from the database.

APPLY and close out of filter optionsf.Profile options -> WHENi.This is where you configure the schedule. This will auto generate a windows task with whatever options you set here. Personally, I set a basic schedule, then used the actual windows Task Scheduler to tune the optionsii.There are 1245 ways you can this. However, this part is key, so make sure you got your shit right, and test it.iii.Mine:

TEST IT!!! TEST IT!!!Create a text file on your desktop. Put the text file in a rar file. Put the .rar file in a folder. Put the folder in your intermediate torrent folder: Example: x:\downloads\tv\torrents.If you did everything that .txt file (and ONLY the text file will then appear in your drone folder.

So I had to find a workaround. I dropped SyncBackup and extract now and replaced them with Dropit as a free alternative. Now I can sett different profiles for .rar, cleanup, move, extract and so on. Works really well

When I just got a RAR file from a friend, and prepared to extract it to see the content in RAR archive, I found it asked for a password to extract. If I have gotten RAR password from friend, the problem would be easy. But if both of us don't know or forget encrypted RAR file password, what shoud we do? Now we can talk this problem in two situations and find solutions to extract encrypted RAR file when there is password or not.

However, there is a possibility that encrypted RAR file password is forgotten or lost and there is no password backup. When this happens unfortunately, please go on to see the situation 2 which is about how to extract encrypted RAR file without password.

RAR3 support is not scheduled. It would imply problems with the GPL license (RAR3 features a PPM based compression algorithm developed by Dmitry Shkarin plus some code by Eugeny Roshal).If you need RAR3 support, check for the original unrar source code and extract the needed code yourself.Windows developers may have a look at Sebastian Schuberth's "arch::ifstream" library (requires the unrar.dll).

"Do you know that the license for the unrar sources from RARLab is not compatible with the GNU Public license?Yes, this is true. But we have the permission from Eugene Roshal to release unrarlib 0.4.0 under GPL and unrarlib-license. Note: this doen't mean that RAR is free now or you can use the unrar source from RARlabs under GPL. You are just allowed to use UniquE RAR File Library version 0.4.0 (unrarlib 0.4.0) under GPL."

Thanks for investigation. The main problem is we need the support forRAR 3.0 archives. We believe that this bug is not a serious one becauseit still works in some RAR 2.0 format archives. unrar-free now is not areplacement nor a conflict to unrar-nonfree. And according to thestatistic data in popularity contest, it is still worth to keep it in main.

Description:unrar is a free software RAR archive extractor. It uses the GPL'dUniquE RAR Library by Christian Scheurer and Johannes Winkelmann.unrar is a simple command-line front-end to this library, and can listand extract RAR archives.

It seems to me that because bundling libraries is generally a bad thing, itwould make more sense if the "UniquE RAR Library" were packaged separately andthis package just depended on it. Perhaps that will happen in the future.

There will be even more confusion when the users find out that this unrar cannotunpack their rar archives, because the majority of what's out there is producedby rar-3.x, which this library cannot handle (it only supports compressionalgorithms of rar-2.9x or older).

This package opens all the RAR files that I could find so it is certainly usefulfor me. The spec is based on Ville's and on this package has been submitted herebased on his request. Feel free to engage in a debate on list about thepros/cons of this software elsewhere and let's focus on packaging here.

(In reply to comment #10)> (In reply to comment #2)>> > You should beware that livna already has a package named "unrar", and I would> > urge you to at least let them know that you plan to add a package with the same> > name. It has a much higher version number so I expect there to be some level of> > user confusion.>> For this issue, how do you think about making this (Fedora's) new> unrar have "Epoch 1"?

But anyway, I don't think Epoch would be a good solution as this one isallegedly an inferior implementation in functionality compared to the non-freeone; just leave things as is. That way people who need the non-free unrar anduse repositories that ship it can just upgrade to it and this package won'tstand in the way.

Other possibilities are to simply rename this package to "unrar-free" or tocoordinate a rename of the livna package to "unrar-nonfree" with the Fedorarelease and simply not push this package to F7.

Perhaps it's worth pinging the fedora-devel and/or livna freeworld lists beforeimporting this to see if anyone has any better solutions to co-existance of thetwo packages. Given comment #16 it sounds like it might not be in livna too muchlonger anyhow...

Uh, looking at the code in the SRPM, this appears to be the same code used inclamav. The legal status of that code is not clear to me. (In fact, Iconsidered bringing this up with respect to clamav, but seeing the same codeused in another package makes this all the more urgent.) The file headerssay: "This code is based on the work of Alexander L. Roshal". But then isn't ita derived work of the original unrar sources? If it is, it's illegal todistribute this under the GPL as they're doing because the original unrarlicense is non-Free and not GPL-compatible. This (libclamav unrar) code alsohas a history of sharing the security vulnerabilities of the non-Free unrar,which also sounds unlikely for a truely independent implementation. See forexample . 041b061a72


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